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Reviews about shop

Natalie Yaschuk

Natalie Yaschuk (@natali_iashchuk)

Perfect breakfast with @public_bionova 😋🍫 Sweetly! Deliciously! Usefully! ❤️...

Anna Alexandrova

Anna Alexandrova (@alexandrovannya)

Yes, I'm fat!
I was.... Promised to tell you about how, that will bring in my life these cool products from @pu...

Larisa Surkova

Larisa Surkova (@larangsovet)

You know I'm in eternal search. Looking for everything tasty and healthy. And often it is not as easy as it seems. We have discussed many times the composition of products and everything written on th...

Valeria Chekalina

Valeria Chekalina (@ler_chek)

Are there any lovers of proper nutrition here? I know there are people like that 🤗 And who knows, he knows that two terrible letters PP this is no dry oatmeal soaked in water, fresh chicken...



Breakfast should be healthy and tasty!...

Christina Shchegoleva

Christina Shchegoleva (@kristitheone)

After my story(from Latchi), had a lot of requests to direct that the granola bar that I ate, "really good?!"...

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