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Victoria Demidova (@demivika)

Victoria Demidova

As you know, I am always in favor of proper and balanced nutrition, because this is the basis not only of a slim figure, but also of excellent well-being. I haven't used sugar in its pure form for a long time, so I'm looking for products without added sugar. In the ABC of Taste, I have been buying granola without sugar for a long time, and recently at one of the events I met the creator of the brand - Alexandra, and found out that they have their own online store @public_bionova, in which, in addition to granola, I found a bunch of delicious and healthy products. Especially impressed by the huge selection of French chicory, fermented syrups without sugar and without sweeteners, but at the same time sweet and delicious!And they also have a natural, the safest and most natural sweetener - stevia, which is close in taste to sugar, there is practically no taste! And they also have natural fruit bars made of dried fruits, which are ideal for the first snack.

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