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Reviews about shop

Anna Rodionova

Anna Rodionova (@_rodionova_anya)

I really like granola Bionova, it's the only ready-made breakfast I buy! I like it first of all in terms of composition - oat flakes come first, not wheat (like most other manufacturers). A very...

Olga Yakunina

Olga Yakunina (@olchiislove)

In general, I was thinking, it's so nice to eat/buy/use things and products marked "organic" or "natural". And it seems like a trifle, but you just feel that you take care of yourself! @public_bion...

Victoria Demidova

Victoria Demidova (@demivika)

As you know, I am always in favor of proper and balanced nutrition, because this is the basis not only of a slim figure, but also of excellent well-being. I haven't used sugar in its pure form f...

Irene Ponaroshku

Irene Ponaroshku (@irenaponaroshku)

One of my favorite Breakfast options is granola with almond milk from the morning milking. And if you have to milk the almonds itself, the most delicious granola in the world makes the Russian ...

Valeria Chekalina

Valeria Chekalina (@ler_chek)

"Read the composition of the product!" - that's what I always tell you. As part of the bars ol'light only dried fruits, berries and nuts. For example, in a coconut bar: dates, raisins, Brazil n...


Ekaterina (

There are almost no healthy sweets to be found in regular stores, so for now I order everything online and the benefit is no longer necessarily from abroad. I am glad that more and more Russian p...

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