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About us

About us

History of the BIONOVA® brand

Bionova brand was created in 2013 by Alexandra Gudimova. The former ballet dancer, who stopped her career because of a serious leg injury, revealed in Bionova's products all the secrets of the ballet cuisine, which is charged with energy, but does not affect the figure. The logo of Bionova products was a girl on a Bicycle - as a symbol of new life, new aspirations and ideas. It was the rehabilitation on the bike that returned Alexandra the opportunity of full movement after the injury. Bionova products include delicious granola without sugar, 100% natural fruit and nut bars with prebiotic, chicory with a useful substance-inulin and stevia - a natural sugar substitute without calories.

Bionova products are an absolute balance and harmony. Clean energy and use. All, as and conceived nature. BIONOVA® is a delicious way to confess your love.

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