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About us

The story of Alexandra Gudimova –
founder of the Bionova brand

From ballerina to health
food expert

In my youth, ballet was everything to me! I dreamed of conquering the world of art, imagined how I would one day perform at the Bolshoi, and did everything possible to fulfill my dream. Behind each of my graceful jumps and smooth movements, there have always been long, hard training, overcoming difficulties and cultivating willpower.

At the age of 17, having received a professional injury, I was forced to leave the ballet. Then I just had to find a worthy replacement for him. Surprisingly, it became a very ordinary bicycle – it was he who played a key role in the course of rehabilitation, giving me back the opportunity to move and live on. After a while, I couldn't imagine a day without a bike ride. One of these inspired me to make big changes – to a completely different life!

Along my favorite Moscow streets, under the noise of the evening metropolis, I flew towards the wind and a new future – the creation of the eco-brand Bionova.

I wanted so much to share with the whole world a simple truth: the meaning of life is in constant motion, and if you stubbornly move towards a dream, you will definitely reach it!

Just for those who walk, run and drive forward and only forward, I have developed the brand Bionova. The logo became a collective image of a girl on a bicycle – as a symbol of everything new: aspirations and ideas. And the production is based on my personal secrets of ballet cuisine – an absolute balance of clean energy and benefits.

Delicious granola without sugar, 100% natural fruit and nut bars with prebiotic, line of protein products, chicory with inulin, stevia and much more.

Alexandra Gudimova

(The girl on the bike)


BIONOVA® is a delicious way to start a journey into a healthy tomorrow!

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