Виноградный сахар Novasweet® 400г от производителя по лучшей цене с доставкой по всей России
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Grape Sugar Novasweet® 400g

Grape Sugar Novasweet® 400g

  150 rub.


  • Natural product;
  • Instantly recharges the body with energy, replenish energy reserves, especially useful when physical and mental stress;
  • The most easily and quickly assimilated carbohydrate, because it is a monosaccharide that does not require additional splitting in the human body;
  • Energy source for the whole family;
  • Does not contain GMOs.

Brand Novasweet

SKU: 04050439

Grape sugar powder-a natural substitute for sugar (glucose) for the preparation of drinks and dishes.

Importer and packer:

OOO Novaprodukt AG, Russia.


Roquette Freres, France.

  750 rub.
  380 rub.
  700 rub.
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