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_mary_sya_ (@_mary_sya_)


Here they are, my Goodies, and my erythritol! Passed on to him and not a bit sorry! This is not just advertising but a sincere Love for @public_bionova

Erythritol loved it for the taste( who is now going to talk about fit parade, you know that erythritol and Sucralose are part of FITA. Plus stevia, who's Bored. Taste bitter)

Well, the cost of Bionova @public_bionova below, which also plays a crucial role!

My attitude to natural sweeteners is very positive! Synthetic type Milford not recommend and not'm using. Someone uses coconut sugar, replacing them the usual. Well, maybe.... my opinion for HLS he certainly is suitable, but for weight loss is unlikely!

From bars: my favorites are numbers 8, 11 and 7. As part of these bars no sugar, but there are prebiotics) and ate the pot (prebiotics are good for the gastrointestinal tract)

Chicory I was reminded of mulled wine, for the chicory in the Oriental cinnamon and cloves

Like a cat on Valerian home run!)

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