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Anna Alexandrova (@alexandrovannya)

Anna Alexandrova

Yes, I'm fat!
I was.... Promised to tell you about how, that will bring in my life these cool products from @public_bionova!
1. Muesli ☝️🙏 It's really delicious, especially with apple! Ideal for dinner and breakfast. Saturate for 4 hours accurately and without feeling of heaviness ❤️
2. Bars 🙏❤️ A great substitute for any chocolate or candy, but for me it is too sweet 😔 I'm eating rare 🙏 but they are very useful, so I try more often 🙏
3. Chicory is for amateur, but I'm not a amateur! Diversity 🙀🙌🏼 There are many different kinds and I think that this all very helpful ❤️
4. Sugar substitutes are an integral part of the kitchen! I don't eat sugar, but sometimes I add to the baking ❤️ In general, I am happy and I think that not in vain tried 🙏☝️ Recommend! ❤️🙏

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