Larisa Surkova
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Bar № 3 as a gift for subscription
All about the company in 1 minute

Larisa Surkova (@larangsovet)

Larisa Surkova

You know I'm in eternal search. Looking for everything tasty and healthy. And often it is not as easy as it seems. We have discussed many times the composition of products and everything written on the label.
And that's the joy for me came in the form of products BIONOVA
This is a Russian brand that has received a million different awards. And it is clear!
- excellent composition (you can see for yourself in the carousel, leaf photo) without sugar, additives, dyes, GMOs and harmful fractions of palm oil!
- large selection of products. I became a fan of granola, children liked the bars with numbers ( even if it will be for you a mystery that you can learn from them on the site), and for dad, I saved a useful sugar substitute (from stevia, but in the form of tablets, it is convenient to add to drinks). Range really pleases.
- different types of delivery

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