Запеченная шоколадная гранола (мюсли) Ол'Лайт® с орехами 280г от производителя по лучшей цене с доставкой по всей России
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  • Baked at low temperatures:
  • The high content of dietary fiber;
  • Can be used in the post;
  • Does not contain GMOs, and cholesterol.

Brand Ol'Light

SKU: 05020456

Crispy honey baked chocolate granola with nuts is a great Breakfast for the whole family! Baked cereals contain fiber-vegetable dietary fibers that normalize the digestive system, and in combination with this Belgian dark chocolate help to avoid stress and activate the vital functions of the whole organism.

Strengthen your health with whole grains and fiber-start your day right! A great Breakfast that can be consumed with milk, kefir, yogurt, juice or even dry as a healthy snack.


OOO Novaprodukt AG, Russia.

Nutritional value for 1 serving (40 g):
% share of average daily requirement


3,7 g (4,9 %)


5,9 g (7,1%)


25,9 g (7,1%)


176 kcal (7,1%)

Alimentary fiber

2,5 g (8,4%)

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