Цикорий Ол'Лайт® с имбирем 100г от производителя по лучшей цене с доставкой по всей России
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Chicory Ol-Light with ginger 100g

Chicory Ol-Light with ginger 100g

  75 rub.


  • Contains ground ginger root, which is used as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, tonic for metabolic disorders, to normalize the condition of blood vessels;
  • Contains inulin-vegetable dietary fiber which improves intestinal microflora, stimulates growth and activity of bifidobacteria, improves absorption by an organism of calcium;
  • In one portion of the drink – 60% of the daily rate of inulin. The amount of inulin consumption recommended by the Institute of nutrition of RAMS per day is 2.5 g, which corresponds to 5 teaspoons of soluble chicory OL'LIGHT®;
  • Caffeine free, does not raise blood pressure;
  • Does not contain GMO;
  • Gluten-free.

Brand Ol'Light

SKU: 05040492

Chicory C ginger extract-a hot drink for a healthy diet, made from 100% chicory roots grown and processed by a unique production technology.

Chicory OL'LIGHT® - a source of vitamins, minerals and inulin, a much-needed modern cities inhabitants seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


OOO Novaprodukt AG, Russia.

Nutritional value per 1 serving (5 g):
% share of average daily requirement


0,1 g (0,1%)


3,0 g (1,0%)


15 kcal

including inulin

1,5 g (60,0%)

  130 rub.
  180 rub.
  165 rub.
  180 rub.
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