Цикорий с кофе Chikoroff® 120г от производителя по лучшей цене с доставкой по всей России
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Chicory with coffee Chikoroff® 120g

Chicory with coffee Chikoroff® 120g

  180 rub.
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  • Contains vitamins & minerals;
  • Contains inulin, a dietary fiber that promotes healthy digestion.:
    - improves intestinal microflora;
    - stimulates growth and activity of beneficial bifidobacteria;
    - improves absorption of calcium organisms;
  • Does not contain GMOs.

Brand Chikoroff

SKU: 02040503

Chicory with coffee-a hot drink for a healthy diet, made from 100% chicory roots grown and processed by the unique production technology of LEROUX, founded in 1858 (France), and instant coffee. Let me remind You of the old traditions.


OOO Novaprodukt AG, Russia.

Nutritional value per 1 serving (5 g):
% share of average daily requirement


0,42 g


2,14 g


10,82 kcal

Alimentary fiber

0,74 g

including inulin

0,56 g

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