What is the use of muesli and granola?
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What is the use of muesli and granola?

What is the use of muesli and granola?

Практически все знают, что завтрак должен быть и должен быть полезным. Все диетологи, фитнес-тренеры постоянно об этом говорят. Правильный и сбалансированный завтрак - залог успешного дня, стройного тела и крепкого здоровья. Идеальным для начала утра являются злаковые с фруктами и орехами - именно из-за этого мюсли и гранола получили такой успех среди людей, ведущих здоровый образ жизни, придерживающихся правильного питания (ПП) и просто желающих сбросить лишние килограммы. Но очень часто возникает простой вопрос: а почему стоит выбирать именно мюсли или гранолу на завтрак? Чем они так полезны? И как правильно их употреблять? Давайте разберемся вместе.

Almost everyone knows that Breakfast should be and should be useful. All nutritionists, fitness trainers constantly talk about it. Proper and balanced Breakfast is the key to a successful day, a slim body and good health. Ideal for the beginning of the morning are cereals with fruits and nuts - it is because of this muesli and granola gained such success among people leading a healthy lifestyle, adhering to proper nutrition (PP) and just wanting to lose extra pounds. But very often there is a simple question: why choose it muesli or granola for Breakfast? What are they so useful? And how to use them? Let's figure it out together.


Granola and muesli are whole grains, nuts, fruits and berries, as well as dried fruits, sometimes with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oils, baked at low temperatures. Unlike cooking porridge, where cereals are cooked at 100 degrees, which leaves most of the nutrients and vitamins, baking at low temperatures makes it possible to preserve all the vitamins and nutrients of the ingredients, while giving the crumbly consistency of the product. Be careful when buying granola and muesli! Some manufacturers add palm oil as vegetable oil. We, as manufacturers of products for healthy nutrition, consider unacceptable the use of palm oil in our products, including in the production of Bionova granules and muesli Ol'Light. palm oil, preservatives and artificial dyes are not used.


Someone puts rigid distinctions that muesli can be eaten only with milk, and granola - with yogurt, and Vice versa. As our experience and the experience of our customers, eat muesli and granola, you can add milk, kefir, yoghurt, juice, water, even brewed beverage Chicory Bionova. Someone likes to consume them dry or use in the preparation of desserts.

Useful trace elements and vitamins:

The benefits of muesli and pellets are primarily due to the fact that the cereals that are part of these products, whole grains, and therefore their nutritional value is the greatest. These products are absorbed quite slowly, which means that there will be no sugar (glucose) jumps in the blood, and the feeling of saturation will last longer. Also in large amounts in cereals and grains contain fiber, which helps to improve the digestive process and reduces the level of Ho-Listerine in the blood.

Do not forget that muesli and granola are excellent sources of vitamins E and B, potassium and magnesium (so necessary for our heart and blood vessels), calcium and iron.

The content of muesli and granola nuts and seeds make these products a good source of healthy fats, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which certainly has a positive impact on the work of the heart, blood vessels, the functioning of the brain and the body as a whole. A small amount of vegetable oil in granola and granola increases the amount of healthy fats.

The difference between theMuesli Ol'Light and Granola Bionova:

The question may arise – we wrote about the benefits of pellets and muesli and what is the difference between them? The difference is that Granola Bionovait does not contain sugar, which makes it an excellent dietary product, as well as a great solution for people suffering from diabetes. In addition, the granolybionova includes freeze-dried fruits and berries. This means that the Bay granola Bionova even plain water, you get fruits and berries with all the nutrients and vitamins, as they were before the sublimation process. In production, in Muesli Ol'Light we add honey and dried fruits. In some kinds of Bionova granule and Ol'Light muesli, we also add real Belgian chocolate.

If you do not have strict restrictions on the consumption of sugar, then choose the product that you like best and your loved ones! And Bionova team will help you with this! In our store you can find and Granola Bionova sugar-free, and Ol'Light muesli with honey, and chicory Bionova, and more a lot of products, which will help to make your life tastier and more useful!

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