Набор "Мысли о Мюсли Bionova" от производителя по лучшей цене с доставкой по всей России
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Brand Bionova

SKU: 01060462

As part of the set:

- Granola (Muesli) BIONOVA® sugar - free cherry 400 g - 1 pcs.

- Granola (Muesli) BIONOVA® sugar-free Walnut 400 g - 1 pcs.

- Granola (Muesli) BIONOVA® sugar-free Apple 400g - 1 pcs.

- Granola (Muesli) BIONOVA® sugar-free Berry 400g - 1 pcs.

- Granola (Muesli) BIONOVA® chocolate 400 g - 1 pcs.

BIONOVA® muesli is produced without adding sugar, palm oil, preservatives and dyes, which means it is an indispensable dietary product that can be consumed with milk, kefir, yogurt, juice or even in a dry form with a hot drink "Chicory BIONOVA®".

Vitamins, minerals, fiber contained IN Bionova muesli give strength, satisfy hunger, help to preserve youth, beauty and health.

Ready for use. Milk, yogurt or juice can be added if desired.


OOO Novaprodukt AG, Russia.

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